About Us

The Green Spark Plug Co. is the only company in the world that specialises in Spark Plugs & Accessories for Veteran, Vintage and Classic engines.
Whether it is for cars, racers, lorries, motorbikes, stationary engines or even vintage lawn mowers the Green Spark Plug Co. has a vast stock of period plugs and their modern equivalents.

From an early age Tim Green has been consumed by his obsession with Morgan three-wheelers. In his teens he drove a Matchless Morgan as his everyday transport but soon switched his loyalties to a JAP powered Morgan. Today the all-consuming interest continues and he has a "café" racer on the road alongside several other three-wheelers, in various states of road-readiness.

Nearly thirty years ago Tim was on the hunt for a supplier of spark plugs for one of his Morgan's and discovered that there was a need for someone to start a business specialising in Spark Plugs for Veteran, Vintage and Classic engines. How could he resist an opportunity that would also secure a ready supply of plugs for his own use? Over the intervening years Tim has gained considerable knowledge regarding Spark Plugs and is recognised as probably the world's leading authority. His background in engineering has stood him in good stead in understanding the complexities of heat ranges and propriety numbering system used by the world's spark plug brands. He is the man!

Initially Tim started the business by attending Auto Jumbles and then created a mail order service. Today he supplies plugs to customers all over the world. Over the years Tim's obsessive nature has proved to be an asset in amassing vast stocks of now obsolete, but new plugs, which are stored in multiple locations in the northwest of England. He is still keen to add to his treasure trove of Spark Plugs so if you have any for sale be sure to give him a call. Tim still attends some Auto Jumbles as shown on the home page but it is always wise to check the website to see if he will be there as he maybe out racing his Morgan instead!

His youngest son Thomas has joined forces with his father and has injected a new lease of life into the business modernising it and by bringing it up to speed with the latest technology. He is responsible for the day to day running of the business and the………. involved in the business and also maintains this website. Other members of the family including his brother Dean and nephew Robert help out (or hinder) when needed. In a world of multiple-choice options - when phoning most mail order companies - it's a pleasant shock to be speaking directly to the man himself. Help him keep his Morgans running by ordering today. No order is too small and large orders are very nice to have.

The Green Spark Plug Company is the ultimate site for all your spark plug needs, we also stock a vast number of other related products.

With over one million spark plugs sold you can trust us to get your product(s) shipped to you on time and fast!

Featuring the best brands and prices on the web or in stores including NGK NTL, Nippon Denso, Bosch Automotive and Federal Mogul (Champion).

We are a family run business with over 40 years experience in the global spark plug market and are looking towards developing the best business structure to serve our worldwide growing customer demand.

Green Spark Plug Co. Ltd has now added a dedicated sales and distribution team to handle customers questions and pre-sales enquires, we are experts in our field so if you have a query let us know!


Company registration number: 7668732. VAT no: GB994654854