Bosch Spark Plugs.


Bosch has a long history and their modern core products are automotive components, (such as brakes, fuel systems, starter motors and steering systems) industrial products (including packaging technology) and building products (such as household appliances, power tools, thermotechnology and security systems).

In 1886 Robert Bosch founded the company in a backyard in Stuttgart. Just one year later, Bosch had produced the first low voltage magneto for gas motors and this was followed, twenty years later by the first magneto for automobiles. Only fifteen years after the company’s start in a backyard, Bosch opened a factory in Stuttgart in 1901.

Robert Bosch’s engineer Gottlob Honold invented the first commercially viable high voltage spark plug as part of a magneto based ignition system which was granted a patent in 1902. This invention began to be used for the ignition of the gasoline/air mixture in combustion engines. It could be said that Bosch spark plugs were an integral part of the early automobile success. Honold also developed the use of curved mirrors behind headlights to illuminate the road and designed the Bosch corporate logo, which has changed little since this time.

In 1910, a factory was built near Stuttgart which began to produce headlights in 1913. The first Bosch spark plug factory was established in 1914. In 1917, Bosch turned into a corporation.

In 1927, Bosch introduced the term “heat range” with regard to spark plugs which is still the standard measure of thermal conductivity.

In 1939, the spark plug factory in Bamberg is built.

Bosch celebrated their 111th anniversary of spark plugs in 2013. Bosch spark plugs have made an important contribution to the development of efficient, more powerful and environmentally friendly engines. Bosch spark plugs are used in jet skis, marine engines, forestry and gardening equipment, water pumps, emergency power generators and large gas engines.


The Green Spark Plug Company and Bosch spark plugs.

The Green Spark Plug Company stock the entire Bosch range such as spark plugs, relays, contact sets, rotor arms, wiper blades, filters and lambda sensors. We can source Bosch items so please get in touch if you need any help finding the correct item.

Bosch Super Spark Plug

-       A spark plug for almost every vehicle

-       Outstanding performance and long operating life

-       Quickly reaches operating temperature

-       Pre-gapped electrodes

-       Protects the engine and catalytic converter

-       High reliable cold starts

-       Central electrode’s copper core dissipates heat extremely well, protecting against high thermal loads

-       Central electrode’s nickel-chrome alloy protects the copper core from corrosion and ensures a high resistance to wear, which counteracts spark erosion.

Bosch Super Plus + Spark Plug

-       Innovative yttrium alloy which originally comes from motor sports

-       A tapered, molded ground electrode which requires a low ignition voltage

-       Quickly reaches operating temperature

-       Pre-gapped electrodes

-       Protects the engine and catalytic converter

-       Higher cold start reliablilty

-       Additional durability

-       Available with a nickel-yttrium alloy and platinum electrodes

Bosch Platinum-Iridium Spark Plug

-       Platinum has the lowest thermal expansion of all precious metals so it has the lowest thermal and electrical conductivity

-       Platinum is largely resistant to corrosion so Bosch’s platinum spark plugs are long-lasting

-       The platinum-iridium spark plugs have a copper core and electrodes from precious metal

-       Double platinum spark plugs have platinum pins either welded on (central electrode) or alloyed in (ground electrode) using a laser process

-       Quickly reaches operating temperature

-       Higher cold start reliablilty

-       Pre-gapped electrodes

-       Protects the engine and catalytic converter

-       Fine platinum-iridium electrodes for better ignition and smooth engine operation

-       Good for LPG engines

Bosch Super 4 Spark Plug

-       First spark plug with a sharpened, silver-plated central electrode and four thin ground electrodes

-       Smoother engine running and improved acceleration

-       Superior engine elasticity

-       Eight possible ignition gaps so higher ignition reliability

-       Factory pre-gapped electrodes

-       Surface air-gap technology which leads to self cleaning

-       Increased thermal range so up to three times as many cold starts possible as with conventional spark plugs

-       Protection for the catalytic converter and increased environmental protection

-       Suitable for older vehicles

Bosch Silver Spark Plug

-       A highly reliable spark plug for engine systems that operate at high speeds such as motorcycles, speed boats, snow mobiles

-       Reliable ignition

-       Protects against misfires

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